Know how

Since 1983, ManarThon has been striving to combine 1st quality fish and uncompromised know-how.
Our manufacturing process is a mixture between traditional recipes and ultra modern equipments.

A great part of the work is hand-made by our workers, following an ancestral and irreplaceable expertise, thus ensuring a faultless quality.
Such superior quality is also due to delicate selection and control of our raw materials: fresh fish and pure oil.

ManarThon is committed to your health
A strict respect of international health standards, which guarantees the preservation of the nutritional properties as well as fatty fish original flavor.

  • Based-selection choice of oils used
  • Fatty fish high nutritive value (Omega 3…)
  • Traceability for each product
  • Strict respect of cold chain integrity

With an innovative factory, ManarThon is undoubtedly a gem of the Tunisian food processing industry.


According to a survey report about «Tuna consumers in Tunisia» carried on by Sigma Conseil on July 2005, one of ManarThon strengths is that it is a high trusted manufacturer for Tunisian consumers who have always been experts of seafood .
know how and distinguished taste are the values that inspire us, so that we can provide the consumers with the best fish preserving all its nutritive properties.

As attested by some statistics:

  • Top Of Mind (usually correlated with market share) : 66,6%
  • Spontaneous awareness: 82,1%
  • Prompted awareness : 97,1 %
  • Consumers’ best brand : 73,1 %
  • Next purchase : 74,7%